How David Archuletta sums up my week perfectly

So maybe you're thinking, how on earth is the above statement correct?

Good thing I'm nice and tell you the story.

In pieces, of course.

First, check out my sweet vid:

David Archuletta from Emily Mangum on Vimeo.

First off, this video was taken yesterday from the sweet concert on the Capitol on the 4th of July. Rad, right? Yes, it was.

But let me digress. You wouldn't believe the crazy things that have been happening since Friday. It was a crazy day. The worst luck of my life all in one day. More on that later, but no worries, no bodies were injured, just egos and hope.

Anyway, it was a terrible day, and we were constantly adjusting our schedule and what we were doing and where we were going, but we trekked on and Saturday and Sunday were amazing.

Then we got some unexpected news on Sunday that Ry's mom was in town. We're super excited, but were totally thrown off guard. Once again, we had to do a little adjusting.

How does Davy Archuletta fit into all of this?


I'm super grateful that I have a super wonderful hubby that will stand by me and who I'll stand by as well. Hurray for best friends and for always supporting each other, ((even when you get denied by the metro guy who says that you can't take your bike on the metro during rush hour, and then proceed to back out of the station with tears in your eyes feeling very dejected...)).

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