Back in action/Our first Nat's game/Hanging with the Dille adults

I just returned from the Pentagon City Apple store and finally have the Mac back! Ohhh how I've missed her. She's even more beautiful than I remember...

Anyway, I thought I'd recap a few things we did before our fantastic trip to NYC the weekend before last.

First, we met up with Jen and Brian and went to eat some VERY scrumptious seafood. Fancy, right? It was right by...the Potomac? or some body of water nearby and we sat outside. I didn't get a picture with Jen, but here's the rest of us. 

THEN we all went to a National's baseball game for LDS Single's Night. Ok, well we weren't really there for the mingling, but our tickets were cheap and we sat by the most hilarious guy. We talked a ton with Jen and Brian and they reminisced about when they were here a few years ago doing the same thing we're doing now. I think it's kinda cool how things work out. Plus, they're super cool adults, so it was fun to hang out with them, even if I am partial to hanging with their 10 year old :)

check it out. if you look through the light you can see the washington memorial!

The Nats also have this sweet race where Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Jefferson bobble-head people race on the field. Then they all walk around the stadium while tons of people swarm them for pictures and high fives. Yay for Washington, DC and being surrounded by history, even at a baseball game.

Here's a little background on our section's mascot. He was drunk. And kept telling us to start the wave. We actually got it to go around almost the whole stadium right when one of the players made a home-run. We were the good luck charm, but it couldn't have been done without, who I like to call, Roosevelt.

Doesn't he resemble Teddy Roosevelt?
Love it.

We also enjoyed some free fireworks after the game. You gotta admit, Americans love their fireworks, especially when you're in DC and they're illegal in all parts of the city the whole year long.

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  1. glad your mac is home safe and sound.
    loved the pictures, soon we can see some of these historic sights, counting the days.


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