weekend at valley forge and philadelphia

Last weekend we went to Valley Forge on Friday and Philadelphia on Saturday with the Barlow Center group. It was a quick and jam-packed full weekend, but since we're only on the east coast for the summer (and who knows where we'll be a year from this fall) every weekend is pretty jam-packed.Valley Forge was beautiful and our tour-guide was a lot of fun. He was from the south and had an awesome southern accent. We also got to play some sand volleyball and knockout and around the world ping pong while we were there and got to mingle with the singles more. Since we don't attend the same ward and hang out with them a ton during the weekend it was nice to get to know them better so that hopefully we'll get to know them better as the summer continues.

Philly was fun too and we saw Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and a cool presentation at the National Constitution Center. Ryan also got a great Philly Cheesesteak at a place called Jim's Steaks (I'm not a huge fan of red meat so don't judge, but I had a Clif bar for lunch) and then we went to the LOVE statue and hung out by the fountain since it was quite warm and our feet were quite exhausted.

But after a long two days of standing and walking we gorged ourselves on huge pizzas and then watched National Treasure on our way home. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty fun to think "I see that" or "I saw that" as he goes through DC and Philadelphia throughout the movie.

[[ryan, me, amanda, dave]]

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  1. woot woot! if you want, I can email you pictures, as they are probably better quality than the facebook ones!

    man, that was fun!


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