So I have this sister and we have lots of fun together.

For a little bit we lived in the same town together.

And laughed a whole whole lot.

One day, we decided to go to Costco.

And we got two polish dogs and two diet cokes.

And proceeded to take pictures of ourselves making ourselves laugh laughing with straws in our mouths.

We're rediculous.

But I love her so much.

HAPPY 2-1!

**Sorry this post is a day late. I blame the loss of my Mac. If you didn't text/call/post on fbook Happy Birthday to her yesterday, I highly suggest you do so now. **

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  1. I've used a couple of pir crust recipes that turned out really good. Both are from the SmittenKitchen food blog...one is an all butter recipe(click on her recipe tab to find it, or type it in the search bar), and the other is the recipe that she made for the strawberry-rhubarb pie. I hope that helps!


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