Remember that one time where I got my third parking ticket in three months? Yesterday was a fantastic day--we signed up for a little Women, Infants, and Children lovin, hung out with my friend, Danielle, and the sweet little one she's nannying, Garden, but then came back to the car with a lovely bright orange parking ticket.

Not only can Boston's parking tickets be a downer, they're neon orange, so everyone on the street, and their mom, knows you got one too.

…I vowed in frustration not to use the car for a week and will be promptly be breaking that vow this afternoon while we have our second play-date of this week (and of baby Henry's life. But I don't think he's too aware of what's going on. But I did realize that before yesterday he'd never met anyone younger than twenty! It's time this kid gets some friends!). And back to the parking thing--there's not neighborhood parking in the neighborhood we're venturing so we can park anywhere on the street and not have to pay a meter or find two-hour parking. Hallelujah!

In conclusion: Boston is awesome. But the roads are awful and parking is horrendous. That is all.

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  1. omgoodness. what a nightmare! yikes! hey, maybe neon orange tickets prevent potential car vandals from keying....but still a major downer. Good for henry (and your =) popular social calendar!


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