kick, kick, kick.

I can't believe that this week I hit my 24 week mark. I love that every Sunday I get to add another number to our little babe's age.

About a week ago I put the title of this post as my facebook status and it's really the best way of putting everything that I feel into words. Whenever I'm at home or at school sitting and relaxing and feel his little kicks, I put my hand where I think he'll kick and just sit back and enjoy these little thumps for a few moments. He's still fairly little and although I did experience heart burn for the first time a few days ago and thought I was having a heart-attack and going to die (maybe all my public health classes do more hurt than help with things like that) his kicks are still gentle enough that I can feel them without uncomfortableness. As I read more baby books it becomes a bit more real every day and I am so grateful for this experience. For every day that I get to grow a little babe inside of me.

This week I was called to be a Young Women's Laurel Advisor and as I was set apart (a little blessing so that I can (hopefully) do a good job) the blessing talked about helping these 16 and 17 year old girls, being a good influence on them, and as I become a young mother, helping them understand the importance of motherhood. It really hit me how important motherhood is, how grateful I am to all the mothers out there who sacrifice their time and their bodies to help the next generation. It's interesting how, being pregnant and having a baby has become more real, even becoming a mom, but the word motherhood--it's such a powerful word. And I feel so blessed that I will one day soon be able to attach that word to me. I know that technically I can be a mom now as I nurture this babe in the womb, but I feel  a bit more superstitious these days, and will wait until this little one comes out before using such an amazing word.

As I get to know the girls and women in my church ward (congregation) and surround myself with amazing moms I can't help but love that wherever you go, you can find amazing people, who do amazing things and who constantly push me to be the best I can be.

*I took the picture on Sunday because I just had to show that even though I look ridiculously pregnant, you'll see a few pictures from the day before and I look much bigger here. Even today, I think I look smaller than this. Oh empire waists and built-in slips with dresses. And I'm sure the bright colors attributed somewhat as well. Also, pardon the dirty mirror.


  1. You'll be an uber-good momma AND YW Advisor. How fun!..haha and I think health classes turn ppl into hypochondriacs, because I always feel like I'm contracting plagues from things I learned in classes. Anyway, super cute pic and Sunday dress! Yah, for bouncing baby boys!

  2. Sounds like things are going really well for you! It's so exciting how everything is going. I have several friends who are all about the same # of weeks and it's funny to see the transition in them talking about how they are pregnant, and then starting to talk about how their baby. That's awesome! And what you were saying about becoming a mother totally reminded me of the last girl I helped deliver at work the other night. I have helped a lot of women have babies, but for whatever reason as she was pushing it just really struck me how she was becoming a mother right in that moment. Like, it was happening before my very eyes. It's such a special experience and I'm so glad you and Ryan will get to share it. Congrats!


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