#22 Done!

Have I mentioned lately that I'm a terrible blogger? Oh well. I'm finally getting around to posting my amazing birthday present of seeing The Nutcracker! It knocks of #22 of our 101 things in 1001 days. The Arizona Ballet puts on this amazing production each year and I'm super grateful that Ryan bought us tickets. The play was seriously amazing and I can't wait to see it again and go see more ballets!

Also, the night started out fantastic since we went to a tiny and TERRIFIC mexican food place in Phoenix called El Bravo. I have seriously dreamt that we went back so I could eat all the delicious food all over again. I got the tamales and Ryan got an enchilada. My tamales were sooooo good. I think it was three different kinds? Seriously good. As a warning, you do have to buy the chips and salsa, which was a turn off at first for me, but this place is totally worth it. When's the next time we're going to Phoenix, Ry? I could go just for this food. And for family, of course :)


  1. you are adorable. end of story.

    (have i told you that before??)

  2. We saw the Nutcracker last year! Now we'll have to try El Bravo :) And I love your outfit!


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