a valentine's day recap.

I bought Ry a balloon and surprised him by coming home during my lunch break and hanging out for a few minutes. It was so much fun. I'm a huge proponent of helium-filled balloons as well as mini surprises.

Then, once I got back from work, Ry had already started preparing a wonderful meal and he continued to finish it while I made some homemade chocolate pudding. Then we ate chicken gyros (made entirely by Ry, he'll post more on that later :) and an amazing bleu cheese salad (have I ever mentioned that I love cheese? Ry thinks that I'd be going to cheese and wine tastings all the time). We finished it off with some sparkling cider. Mmm.

Then I made some sweet chocolate bowls and filled them with the chocolate pudding and we read notes that we had written each other during our "14 days of Valentine's"

I know I've said it a bajillion times, but seriously, I love Ryan.

Our day was awesome, we hope yours was too! Check back soon for some rad food and a post from Ry!

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  1. awww, you guys are so cute! i totally didn't realize i called you on your valentine's day night. I'm sorry! I was just at work so it wasn't so special or anything. But i'm glad you guys had a good day!


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